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Video Game Testing Jobs – How to Earn a Living Playing Video Games

Video game testing jobs are by far some of the most sought-after jobs, since every young (or old) gamer dreams of a job in the games industry. So what does a tester do? They often spend their time playing video games that haven’t been released yet, working flexible hours, and often working from home. Welcome to the wonderful world of being a video games tester!

While this might sound like an easy job, there are a few difficulties that go with it, and not everyone can do it. You must have an undying love gaming, and สล็อต a good knowledge of the industry. Since your job will be testing games, and not just playing them, you will often be given a list of things to test, as well be told to look for bugs. You will then have to document your progress

First of all, the amount of competition is intense, so even getting a job testing in the games industry is rather difficult if you are unprepared. Since every job is so highly desired, it can be difficult to get noticed. To do so you must separate yourself from the pack. When going into the industry, you need to decide if this is something that you want to do as a career, or just for a short time. If you want it to be your career, do you want to be a games tester forever, or do you want to progress up the ladder of success, possibly moving into a games designer role one day? Whatever it is, it’s good that have a think about it before you start applying, as many interviewers for video game testing jobs will ask you this.

Testing games for a living can be an extremely fun and rewarding job, especially when you get to play the latest blockbuster game months before it’s released!