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How to Put a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

YouTube shares an extraordinary number of video cuts on various classifications. It’s not difficult to track down at least one recordings to meet your requirements when you mean to utilize video cuts in improving your show and make them more useful as well as engaging. Before you figure out how to place a YouTube video in PowerPoint, you need to know the medium/s you should utilize to direct the show.

We frequently see moderators in gatherings struggling with attempting to get their video right consequently destroying the whole speed of the show. This is many times brought about by unfortunate Web association or wrong codes, among others. Forestall finding yourself mixed up with comparable humiliating circumstances by arranging ahead of time.

Implant Recordings Straightforwardly into PowerPoint

This is the most straightforward methodology on the best way to place a YouTube video in PowerPoint; notwithstanding, this is possibly encouraged assuming you are certain that the show scene will have quick Web network. You can just download the YouTube module from After you introduce the module, you will see as a new “Supplement YouTube Video” order in your PowerPoint Toolbar.

This technique on the most proficient Download YouTube videos method to place a YouTube video in PowerPoint is straightforward since you just have to type the URL of the video you wish to implant. Follow the wizard to add the YouTube video player to your slide. You are allowed to resize and move the player anyplace on the slide.

The most effective method to Place a YouTube Video in PowerPoint Without a Web Association

The arrangement referenced above works perfectly. The main disadvantage is that you really want a Web association with playback the video during the slideshow. On the off chance that you direct a show without the Web, you can utilize this strategy on the most proficient method to place a YouTube video in PowerPoint.

To begin with, you need to download the video in Windows Media or convert it to AVI as PowerPoint can’t translate the default FLV or MP4 arrangements of YouTube recordings. You can utilize any video record design converter to achieve this step. When the video is saved in the appropriate organization on your PC, open your PowerPoint application. Click on Addition, select Film. At last, you need to tap on “Film from record” to place the video in the PowerPoint slide. On the off chance that you want extra assistance or just don’t have the opportunity, consider recruiting proficient PowerPoint and video promoting administrations.